Aidee Orozco

737b061ebcb24166b32235eb4a3f92deTitle: Research and Development Corporate Director

Company: McCain Foods Limited

Location: Fredericton, Neb.

Dr. Aidee Orozco has profound experience in the food and beverage industries, including raw agricultural material and innovative customer and market-driven processes. She has wide experience in developing science and technology platforms from scratch and attending to and multitasking on high-impact projects. Dr. Orozco has directed more than 60 innovation projects for international companies and generated around $80 million in cost-savings and investment returns for new products and process development through product and process optimizations. She has had 11 papers published in scientific, peer reviewed and internationally recognized journals, and another 70 papers used for scientific seminars and lectures.

Dr. Orozco would like to network with senior leaders in the food industry, as well as pharmaceutical and oil professionals. She is multilingual, and speaks fluent Spanish and English. Additionally, she speaks basic French and understands how to read Portuguese and Italian. Mr. Orozco is prepared and willing to relocate for the right career opportunity, and has experience coordinating teams in the United States, Canada, Colombia, Argentina, England, France, the Netherlands, Poland, South Africa, India, China, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

Prior to becoming the research and development corporate director with McCain Foods Limited, Dr. Orozco was the global director of agronomy corporate social responsibility technologies from 2012 to 2014. She was the research and development director for Mexico with the Brown – Forman Corporation from 2007 to 2012. In five years, Dr. Orozco intends to complete an MBA in French. She is working toward attaining a vice presidential role within McCain Foods Limited.

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