Lisa Hopper

logoTitle: Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Company: World Care

Location: Tuscon, Az.

Lisa Hopper has been dedicated to helping people in need for more than two decades. As the chief executive officer and founder of the humanitarian organization World Care, she is able to assist people on a national and international scale. Founded in 1996, the organization provides both products and services that enable those in need to be offered the necessary opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable. World Care provides emergency relief, home health programs, school supply programs, computer refurbishing programs, prison-to-work success programs, document shredding services, and a hands-on training and volunteer center. Additionally, the organization is an advocate for caring for the planet.

Having worked in the health care industry, Ms. Hopper witnessed first-hand how many things were tossed aside or thrown in the waste pile that could have possibly been used by someone else. She believes that revelation to be the catalyst for launching World Care.

Ms. Hopper has a true passion for wanting to contribute to the world in a tangible, positive way. Her leadership and ability to rally others creates an environment necessary to achieve the desired results of the organization. Since the inception of World Care, Ms. Hopper knew that with hard work and perseverance she and her team could make a difference. Though she admits that it is sometimes difficult to obtain the necessary funding to provide tools for those in need, she feels accomplished that World Care is still able to provide help after more than 21 years.

Due to her dedicated nature and strong presence in the industry, Ms. Hopper has been recognized for her efforts. In 2010, she was the recipient of the ATHENA Award and has also been distinguished as Woman Business Leader of the Year. Furthermore, the organization was recognized by the National Association of Women Business Owners of Greater Tucson, along with various other recognitions and honors.

Looking ahead, Ms. Hopper plans to bring more attention to World Care. She also hopes to be able to utilize more resources and provide technology to those who need it. For more information about the organization, please visit

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