Susie Briscoe

Briscoe, Susie 1446193Title: Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Head Office Administrator

Company: Acer Coaching Associates

Location: Hampshire, UK

As an expert in corporate business, Susie Briscoe leads Acer Coaching Associates in her 11th year as chairman and chief executive officer. Acer Coaching Associates thrives on Ms. Briscoe’s expertise in business, executive and personal life coaching, appraisal, management, implementation of new programs, and facilitation of learning. With a wonderful sense of humor and focused persistence, she works with international clients, provides tools to help advance careers, and handles administrative operations during her daily routine.

Ms. Briscoe works with a charity mission in India to educate orphaned children with AIDS. She has been an active fundraiser for Action Medical Research since 1973. Previously, she worked as an account executive for an advertising agency. She has spent the last 30 years in increasingly senior roles within the nonprofit sector. This includes her work as a trustee of two international charities, one of which she founded, two national charities, and serving as patron of the Church Housing Trust. Currently, Ms. Briscoe is the top coach and mentor with Nightingale Conant in the UK, and although the economic climate has dampened their business she is still getting the odd referral from their Chicago office, as well as the UK. She and her husband have been married for 41 years, and they have one daughter, Lara.

Ms. Briscoe co-authored My Creative Thoughts and Ready Aim Thrive, which went to #1 in Australia, United States, Canada, and the UK. She lives with her husband, age 72. ‘I’m 64 in years and shoe size in attitude,’ she says. They have been married for 41 years. They live in a rented house and have been there since 1996. They have one daughter, Lara, who turned 40 in November 2011, and she is married to Charles, and they live about 15 minutes away with their 6-year-old son, Sebastian. In five years, Ms. Briscoe would like to perform more charitable work and develop her services. She aspires to grow both personally and professionally.

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