Elsa Gomez

9830264bb9ee42f7bdf42f72e5d1c107Title: Director of Quality Assurance for Research and Development (Retired)

Company: Actavis Inc.

Location: Corona, Calif.

Through the support of her staff and humbling modesty, Elsa Gomez retires 40 years of pharmaceutical quality assurance, having last served as director of quality assurance for research and development at Actavis Inc. There, she oversaw the research and developmental activities of the pharmacists and chemists and ensured the use of proper manufacturing practices in the internal research and development department per regulatory agency guidelines. Although she currently does volunteer work for The Humane Society of the United States, she still works on a consulting basis, with expertise in compliance oversight and regulations, and supervision of the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

Ms. Gomez greatest career achievement was having the opportunity to actively participate in the startup of Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., one of today’s leaders in the generic pharmaceutical industry. The most gratifying aspect of her career is being able to successfully transfer products between Puerto Rico and England. Initially, Ms. Gomez became involved in her profession through her experience in the field of pharmaceutical quality assurance.

Ms. Gomez began her career as an auditor of companies that provided pharmaceutical products to the United States Department of Defense. She gained professional experience by being involved in all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing and associated quality control systems. She believes that the main goal of those who work in the field of pharmaceutical quality assurance should be to provide affordable, high-quality pharmaceutical products that will enable people to effectively manage their health conditions.

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