Bea Martin

1c5e60a34e774666987f4216c710754dTitle: Director of the Department of Nursing Education

Company: Intergity College of Health

Location: Pasadena, Calif.

Attributing her success to her hard work, dedication, and the support she receives from her family, Bea Martin continues on her 35th year in nursing education. For the past 20 years, she has honorably served at Intergity College of Health, and is currently serving as director of the department of nursing education. Her classes run anywhere from 4 to 10 students, providing one-on-one and detailed education. In five years, Ms. Martin hopes to promote nursing on an individual and independent basis.

The highlight of Ms. Martin’s career was mentoring a student who was repeating the nursing program for the second time, teaching her how to function on the floor and giving her the confidence and accountability to finish the program successfully. Initially, she became involved in her profession through her interest in nursing. Now, competitive prices and a competitive philosophy is what separates Ms. Martin in the nursing field from her peers. Her mission is to provide continued education and assist people in achieving their goals.

During her work-week, Ms. Martin manages the college’s daily operations, establishes growth progress in new schools, develops the curriculum and instructions, and consults and mentors students on nursing programs. She is a certified public health nurse and certified family nurse practitioner, and earned a Master of Science in nursing from California State University, Dominguez Hills. Since becoming certified and her graduation, she has kept abreast of changes in her profession through her membership with California Association for Nurse Practitioners. Ms. Martin is also very proud of her daughter, who is a registered nurse.


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