Ada Brown

indexTitle: President


Location: Rosenberg, Texas

President of A-UNC Healthcare Services Inc, Ada Brown continues to lead the medical provider with 23 years of seasoned industry experience. Not only is she a registered nurse, but also obtained a Bachelor of Science in nursing, and has continued in the field since. Her goal is to become wealthy enough to help empower women more via education and by teaching them to be financially independent. She also wants to be able to provide missionaries the opportunity to help disadvantaged women and children by the implementation of different programs. Ms. Brown wants most to be remembered as someone who touched everyone’s life in some way or form.

Ms. Brown’s greatest accomplishment is being an entrepreneur and being able to sustain her business successfully for eight years, while successfully raising three wonderful daughters, one of which is in her junior year of college, the second who is pursuing her registered nurse qualifications while attending college, and the third who is pursuing a law degree at graduate school. Ms. Brown is also very proud of her accomplishments within her community, being a involved in the community and being able to change and impact the lives of many woman both in her community and abroad. The one aspect of her working condition that Ms. Brown would most like to see change is the gender issue. She would like to see more women in leadership positions with more authority for making decisions.

Originally from Nigeria, has inspired Ms. Brown most is her past experience growing up in a third world country with poor health and living conditions where mothers died at childbirth because they didn’t have the appropriate medical attention and facilities, where people had to walk ten miles to get to the next clinic, and were healthcare was inexistent. She recalls the unbelievable experience, at the age of nineteen, of witnessing the death of a woman who had given birth to a child being carried away for her burial and being convinced that something had to be done and thinking to herself, “I need to do something to change this quality of life”. Seeing so many women suffering motivated and inspired her to do something to change and improve the quality of life for people living under these deprived conditions.

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