Kathy Mitchell

Kathy_Desk-w500-h400Title: Owner

Company: Orinda Shell Auto Care LLC

Location: Orinda, Calif.

Garnering 22 years of professional business ownership acumen, Kathy Mitchell continues on in her 16th year as owner of Orinda Shell Auto Care LLC. Through Orinda Shell Auto Care LLC, she helps move along operations fluidity while providing automotive repair, smog, tires, brakes and gas sales services. An expert in bookkeeping, finances and billing, Ms. Mitchell’s work-week consists of ordering all the parts and marketing and advertising the business, including updates on their website.

Initially, Ms. Mitchell became involved in her profession when she grew up with many brothers and applied for a job after her father had a heart attack at a local gas station. She worked her way into the back, learned her way, and ended up opening her own company. Ms. Mitchell has also obtained an Associate of Arts degree and pursued coursework at the Automotive Management Institute. The highlight of Ms. Mitchell’s career has been opening and owning a successful business. She attributes her success to being raised by good parents, teaching her how to be successful and motivated. During her free-time, Ms. Mitchell holds memberships with the COC, Automotive Service Council Group: Chapter 20, Clean Air Act Council, Workshops, and Bureau of Automotive Repair.

Ms. Mitchell has found that being honest to her customers, treating them how they want to be treated, and caring for clients’ cars as if it were her mother’s car. She takes pride in the care she gives to her customers. She is also very very involved in her community and believes strongly in giving back. Ms. Michell supports the high schools, does charitable work  for brighter beginnings as well as northern lights school in Oakland helping the less fortunate.

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