Florence Obanya

b8499e61e22d4ae188df79eb23329155Title: Owner, Business Consultant

Company: Business Connections International

Location: Dallas, Texas

Five years ago, the entrepreneurial bug caught up with Florence Obanya, and she opened her venture, Business Connections International. As a 48-year expert in lactation consulting, health and wellness, and customer services, she provides a plethora of products, personalized heart health care, general nutrition services, and genetic testing. Specifically, she educates people on health-related products, whilst consulting on health, wellness and breastfeeding. Prior to joining Business Connections International, Ms. Obanya worked as a Registered Nurse at Children’s Emergency Clinic.

Ms. Obanya visited South Africa in 2004 as one of a group of ambassadors for lactation consulting from the United States, Canada and Australia. She was an obstetrics and lactation nurse in Canada for 20 years and is currently working with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, and as a registered nurse and lactation nurse in Texas. Ms. Obanya received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and is a Registered Nurse, certified midwife, and obtained MSI-Skin Analyzer Magnifier Machine Certification.

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