Janet Larabell

b87b3defce344bb4b22bbe3b46978cc3Title: Owner

Company: Seven Services – Mayville Computers

Location: Mayville, Mich.

Initially, Mrs. Janet Larabell became involved in her profession because she was inspired by her experiences repairing her own computer, which she used as a means of communicating with her husband, who was frequently out of town. Now in their 18th year of ownership, Seven ServicesMayville Computers thrives because of her expertise in computer assembly, website design, photo repairs and updates. During the work-week, Mrs. Larabell processes orders, builds and fixes desk- and laptop personal computers, graphic and website design, and managing all administrative aspects of the business.

Mayville Computers sponsors a local female bowling league and they are also involved in the Sunflower Festival in their community. Mrs. Larabell’s son Christopher has just joined the business and he will be running the new screen-printing business that they just started. In five years, Mrs. Larabell plans to move to a larger building, expand her customer base, develop the business successfully, and pass it on to her children after her retirement.

Mrs. Larabell attends various online classes and technical training courses. She has designed websites for the Mayville Parent Teacher Connection, Mayville Lions Club, Kingston Lions Club, and other local businesses. She also holds memberships with the Mayviille Area Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. Mrs. Larabell attributes her success to her determination to run her own business and to her children, who served as her motivation in achieving this goal.

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