Joanne Prettyman

UntitledTitle: Administrator (Retired)

Company: New Beginnings

Location: Lakeland, Fla.

Dr. Joanne Prettyman retired as owner of New Beginnings Assisted Living Facility in 2005 after six years, and is currently providing living space and supervision for disabled persons who cannot or prefer not to live alone financially, or for security reasons. Her motto is “’Help More; Give More; Love More.’ We must give back. God blesses her and she wants to bless others.” Dr. Prettyman always tries to be a friend to people in need.

Ms. Prettyman received a Ph.D. in health care administration from Corllins University. She attributes her success to God providing her with amazing gifts, and initially became involved in her profession because she was very interested in nutrition and wanted to help others. In five years, Dr. Prettyman intends to continue helping people with housing and social services, especially regarding weight loss and nutrition.

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