Amelia Snow

17b88d6620b54bcd88a5efd5c5c72504Title: Restorative Dental Hygienist, Holistic Health Coach

Location: Bracebridge, Ont.

Amelia Snow became involved in her profession at the age of 13. She began working at her dental office filing and cleaning instruments, then later assisting and running the front desk after school and Saturdays. Initially, she wanted to pursue a career in law, but she found that she enjoyed the personal contact and care that dentistry offered. She later became the hygiene coordinator at a large successful group practice, and later became certified as an assistant by writing the challenge exam, using her experience rather than college education to qualify. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Snow was accepted into the dental hygiene program. She also had her own experience with braces for five years, and her daughter has also had braces, so dentistry has been close to home and a perfect fit for her throughout her life.

Ms. Snow’s experience in all levels of dentistry and expertise on oral health, systemic health and overall well-being has provided an ongoing enlightening career that has been full of rewarding and fulfilling moments. These moments continually inspire her to reach out and help others achieve their ultimate dreams, health and well-being. She attributes her success to the fact that she loves life, along with all of its ups and downs and challenges. She learns from others everyday and looks forward to the new discoveries that each day brings. Caring for others and being a healer comes naturally to her. Being a mother of three has also been an eduction in itself for Ms. Snow.:

Ms. Snow is currently inspired by supporting and contributing to a hub of holistic health in her community, where all are welcome to learn the life skills necessary for clean eating, home cooking, organic gardening, family balance and spiritual well-being. She is particularly dedicated to educating others on the links between sugar and disease, oral health and systemic health. She hopes to further provide services with other professionals, including yoga, an outreach and educational facility, library and wellness café and music center over the next few years. In the coming years, Ms. Snow would love to be able to expand what she is learning now and develop it into one program to deliver to large groups, as well as compile a book on oral and whole body health.

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