Ronda Loiselle

UntitledTitle: Owner, Gel Provider

Company: Wicked White

Location: Sudbury, Ont.

Drawing upon 20 years in the dental hygiene field, Ronda Loiselle continues in her fifth year of entrepreneurship with her tooth whitening company and gel provider, Wicked White. Whilst ensuring fluid operations throughout the officer, she develops, markets and brands her patented whitening gel. Ms. Loiselle has receive continued education coursework in dental hygiene through RDH, and continues to keep abreast of changes in her field through her membership with the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario.

As a woman in today’s world, what has contributed to Ms. Loiselle’s success is her reputation in her field. A dental hygienist by trade, she has built her business through word of mouth. The advice she would give the younger generation of women entering the workforce is to be passionate about what they do and try to exceed their goals. Ms. Loiselle attributes her success to her passion for what she does, as well as her educational background in dentistry.

Initially, Ms. Loiselle became involved in her profession because her brother was interested in the business. She wanted to help him make a product for dental professionals that whitened teeth without the sensitivity. In five years, Ms. Loiselle plans to focus on the whitening products with limited marketing.

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