M. Suzanne Jeffries

952ff65047b844ad902df8e74296184eTitle: Store Owner

Company: Paraphernalia Antiques

Location: Wilimington, Ill.

For nearly 50 years, M. Suzanne Jeffries has served within the merchandising industry. These past nine years she has spent as the store owner of Paraphernalia Antiques in Wilimington, Ill. Ms. Jefferies is an expert in importing antiques, and oversees customer service and appraisals to keep the store operational and the customer-base satisfied.

The highlight of Ms. Jefferies’ career was being recognized by her community. She attributes her success to her love for working with people and her passion for her profession, having initially became involved in her profession because she was inspired by her aunts who were involved in antiques. During her free-time, Ms. Jefferies supports the Wilmington Historical Society and the Auxiliary Coast Guard.

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