Domenica Picard

3718774Title: Vice President of Human Resources

Company: Second Foundation Consulting Inc.

Location: New Hamburg, Ont.

As vice president of human resources, Domenica Picard continues to build upon 26 years of seasoned consulting experience at Second Foundation Consulting Inc. Currently heading their entire payroll and human services issues, she provides the firm with expertise in recruitment and position management in order to create fluid resources for their employees throughout the work-week. Moving forward, Ms. Picard would like to continue to grow and learn as much as she can and be prepared for all of the changes in the government and technological changes that occur.

Throughout her work-week, Ms. Picard manages all human resource operations while preparing packages either pre-planned or customized for clients and their businesses. Initially, she started working in computer systems and then an opportunity arose for her to go into HR. She was involved in recruiting of students in the banking industry. She has been in HR ever since. Ms. Picard loves the human connections and relationships that she has fostered.

Since graduating in 1985 from Mohawk College, Ms. Picard keeps abreast of changes in her profession through her membership with IRAM. Through Second Foundation, she provides relevant, industry-specific software solutions for the agriculture, retail, wholesale distribution, industrial manufacturing, professional and financial services sectors.

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