Donna Hutcheson

1412cef3d2f040fe9662557ad7417091Title: Executive Principal

Company: XR Group, Inc.

Location: Princeton, Texas

Attributing her success to her insatiable personality and genuine honesty, Dr. Donna Hutcheson continues in her 16th year as executive principal at XR Group, Inc. Garnering 36 years of consulting expertise, she helps manage and motivate highly effective technical teams, while developing applications and technology planning, auditing, servicing customers, and manager general operations. Dr. Hutcheson also consults for the board of directors and executives, acts as a marketer, finds new business, and teach auditing, as well as courses in risk management and information technology governance at different universities.

Dr. Hutcheson’s greatest career achievement has been running her own company and making sure that the company has clients who care about what they need in terms of going back into the university scene. It has been very fulfilling and rewarding for her. Initially, she became involved in her profession after leaving her work as a university professor. She found that she had many contacts in the business world. She began working in the industry, and was put on the fast track to management. What separates her from others is her communication skills and longevity in the field. In five years, Dr. Hutcheson intends to continue working as a great consultant for executives and the board of directors.

In 1991, Dr. Hutcheson received a Doctorate in technology management from UCLA. Since then, she keeps abreast of changes in her industry through her memberships with ISACA, the Project Management Institute, and System Information Management. During her free-time, Dr. Hutcheson is a volunteer teacher and mentor at local universities, and supports The American Red Cross.

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