Christine Walter

Titlfinale: Owner, Operator

Company: Industrial Instruments & Supplies Inc.

Location: Southampton, Penn.

Celebrating 26 years in the indstrial manufacturing industry, Christine Walter continues as owner and operator of the leading supplier of high quality, competitively priced instrumentation and tools to industry, Industrial Instruments & Supplies Inc. Having opened the business in 1989, Ms. Walter has recently expanded Industrial Instruments & Supplies Inc. by offering more than just instrumentation, as they now provide service, calibration and rental, while also carrying a much wider variety of products such as tools, safety products, electronic productions tools, laboratory instruments and supplies, computer hardware, software and supplies.

An as expert in the pricing and purchasing of industrial instruments, Ms. Walter’s week typically consist of overseeing employees, managing larger accounts, marketing, looking over the finances on a weekly and monthly basis, and overseeing all operations of the business. Through hard work and great customer services, she became involved in her profession because it was a small division of a family aerospace company, so entrepreneurship is in her blood. In five years, Ms. Walter intends to experience the continued growth of the company. She hopes to have the company grow by at least 10 percent.

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