Shilpa Kamble

NPF_40444068_Micropix_logoTitle: Graphic Designer, Priner

Company: Micropix Creation

Location: Euless, Texas

Wielding 11 years as a graphic designer and printer, Shilpa Kamble continues as Micropix Creation with season technique and skill. As a full-service design company, Micropix Creation relies on her expertise in design to provide graphic and print development, as well as web design. Initially, Ms. Kamble became involved in her profession by transforming her hobby into a career.

Throughout her work-week, Ms. Kamble creates promotional items, including fliers, business cards, direct mailings, and stationary. She attributes her success to her passion for design work, and has received a graduate degree in ecommerce, and has pursued coursework in computer engineering and graphic design. During her free-time, Ms. Kamble supports the Salvation Committee.

In five years, Ms. Kamble intends to expand her business and hire full-time employees.

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