Patricia Collings

250cbd46f5cb494e8c7f41c41947dbf4Title: Registered Nurse

Company: Liberty Home Care and Hospice

Location: Supply, N.C.

Patricia Collings became involved in her profession because 50 years ago because she always wanted to be a nurse. For the past 13 years, she has served Liberty Home Care and Hospice as a registered nurse, drawing upon her respect for her profession and patients, as well as her faith in God, for providing her continuous success. There, Ms. Collings is separated from her peers due to the fact that she is heavily invested in each of her patients, and she places a strong focus on their family members so that the family is equipped with the knowledge and skills required for caring for their loved one.

Ms. Collings’ greatest career achievement occurred after a stint in nursing in an operating room in 1992. She didn’t enjoy this line of work so she decided to take a new position at a convalescent care facility. This facility planned to open a rehabilitation center, and she took on the role of director of nursing, working with the team that coordinated the rehab wing of the hospital. She served in this capacity for seven years In five years, Ms. Collings hopes to continue nursing.

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