Karen Grassick

be8b2e882deb4e109a0bebe79e3ef3edTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Allegra Network LLC

Location: Burlington, Ont.

Initially, Karen Grassick became involved in her profession because Allegra Network is a family business. She opened a graphic design business that worked alongside her family’s business. When her parents retired, she took over as chief executive officer. Ms. Grassick is separated from others in her industry by not being afraid to get out there in the industry. She believes that being a female has its benefits and setbacks, and she is willing to tackle anything thrown her way. Also, clients trust her. In five years, Ms. Grassick aims to experience continued growth in her field.

Six months after Allegra Marketing Print Mail re-branded the company from Zippy Print of Burlington, customers were reaping the advantage of the change. ‘One of the biggest benefits for our customers is their access to a large pool of talent and services for their mailing campaigns, branding projects and website development,’ Ms. Grassick says. ‘Being able to offer rich and complete marketing services is a huge advantage for a local centre like ours,’ she explains. ‘We are just in the final stages of a complete re-branding project for a local spa, including a new logo, new materials and an open house event.’

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