Shirley Goleski

41890488Title: Volunteer

Company: Tulsa Air and Space Planetarium

Location: Tulsa, Okla.

Shirley Goleski has lived in Tulsa, OK for about 40 years, and has been very active in the volunteer community there. She spent 15 years in that capacity for local organizations and held offices in most of the Tulsa Philantrafic (sp) Organizations, serving as president to one. She lived through The Dust Storm, The Great Depression, and WWII; there wasn’t any money or time for her to attend a University. However, this never stopped Ms. Goleski from obtaining knowledge, as she is still studying and learning to this today.

When Ms. Goleski did attend Oklahoma City University, she needed to leave to obtain money to live. This began her life-long study of everything involving the U.S. space program. Having nearly 90 years of life-experience to study this, she currently volunteers with Tulsa Air and Space Planetarium to get a cloer look. Ms. Goleski’s interests, at the present time, are involved with how to include people in the Space Program and to extend human lives beyond the Planet Earth.

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