Earla Snow

1791e4bd689340ce902ac77dd0665903Title: Owner

Company: Earla’s Creations

Location: Santa Rosa, Calif.

Owner of her own jewelry company, Earla Snow continues in her sixth year of expertise in crystal and gemstone jewelry and custom made porcelain dolls, designing and making jewelry as a fundraiser for the scholarship. She attributes her success to being blessed and having wonderful mentors and became involved in her profession because she has always enjoyed helping children. During her free-time, Ms. Snow is a board member for the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home.

Ms. Snow is on the board of the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home. She sells her jewelry to raise money for their scholarship fund. They currently have 20 students in college. Prior to designing jewelry, she made porcelain dolls and traveled the country attending doll shows. In five years, Ms. Snow intends to help as many children as she can through Valley of the Moon Children’s Home.

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