Janet Mahn

cc91e4a8682b805b0369ffec60e14817Title: Program Managers Representative for LPD 26 USS JOHN P MURTHA AND LPD 27 USS PORTLAND

Company: American Systems Corp

Location: Dadeville, Ala.

After serving in the U.S. Navy for nearly 20 years, finishing as a chief engineer and maintenance material officer, she continues with American Systems Corp to provide the military with various systems operations. There, she oversees the day to day testing of ships engineering systems and leads the Hull Mechanical and electrical combined test team’s personnel, assisting ship companies from pre-delivery thru post delivery to sail away from the construction shipyard. As the assistant to the Hull Manager, Ms. Mahn acts as his liaison between him, the contractor and the ship’s crew, while overseeing numerous work items and reporting directly to him.

Ms. Mahn graduated from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, and keeps abreast of changes in her industry through her memberships with the U.S. Navy Veteran Group, Naval Officers Network, and SWO. She received the Captain Winifred Quick Collins award from the Navy League of the United States, and is a recipient of the Women Officer Professional Association Captain Joy Bright Hancock Award. During her free-time, Ms. Mahn enjoys fishing, gardening, and cooking.

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