Carole Jacquemont

2534676Title: Project Management Consultant

Location: Gentilly, France

Initially, Carole Jacquemont became involved in project management 12 years ago when she worked in marketing and tourism and built big projects with big infrastructure. She comes from an engineering family; she discovered what it was like to work with governmental projects and big-money funding. It totally interested her, as there are many different jobs. She can do a lot of negotiation, and at the same time, work on political issues. Ms. Jacquemont loves it.

Currently, Ms. Jacquemont is seeking a position that will utilize her strong organizational, leadership and managerial skills to help companies make a difference in their project development worldwide. She sees part of her vision impacting on management, mixing private and public sectors. She attributes her success to her skills. She analyzes first, and when she makes the decision, she moves forward with no hesitation. Ms. Jacquemont is totally motivated with a lot of energy, passion.

In five years, Ms. Jacquemont wants a new job as strategy manager in public and private companies to link strategy to big project development. She is working on international development for big companies and wants to deal with the governmental issues and the private issues in countries like South America and Africa, and to write about it, as she always wanted to be journalist.

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