Barbara Chappuis

1937f8c04497402390a72fc4cf1bf8b8Title: President

Company: Bee Naturals

Location: St. Louis, MO

After 22 years of research and formulation with natural ingredients, and proof with her own hands healing, Ms. Chappuis’ skin creme bar reached its final form. Because the creme was for her own use she, refused to skimp on high-quality ingredients, as she continues to do with all her products. There are no superfluous ingredients; everything in Bee Naturals products have a specific therapeutic purpose. They protect and heal skin. She has developed other all-natural skin care products, including Bee Naturals Lip Balm, Cuticle and Nail Oil, and a new Queen Bee line, featuring an array of cleansers for all types of skin.

Initially, Ms. Chappuis became involved in her profession because she is a nurse by training and previously worked in a hospital setting. She developed Bee Naturals™ Skin Creme Bars to protect her own hands from the myriad of harmful substances in the hospital work environment. Her hands were cracked, raw, and nearly bleeding, even with constant use of virtually every commercially available creme and lotion. Many of those products also included chemicals that are as harmful to the skin as what she needed protection from, such as parabens. In five years, Ms. Chappuis hopes to see the company grow and reach more people internationally.

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