Roz Usheroff

ebc03d3a1a2943bd805cfad781c07062Title: President

Company: The Usheroff Institute, Inc.

Location: West Palm Beach, Fla.

Ms. Usheroff attributes her success to her passion and her ability to help clients showcase the best of who they are. She became involved in her profession as a result of her previous career in retail fashion management. She saw people investing substantial amounts of money on their visual presence but unaware of the impact their choices had on their career. After completing an image consultant certification, she immediately began advising clients on how to dress with greater impact, and lead with confident body language and speech. Ms. Usheroff separates herself from her peers through her flexibility, ability to build trust and communicate on a multi-cultural level.

Ms. Usheroff’s expertise has positioned her to work with diverse audiences at Fortune 500 companies worldwide, transforming professionals to showcase executive presence. She feels confident that her insights and strategies work, using the success of her clients as proven testimonials. She is widely known by her clients for her quick insights, passion, commitment and focus, which have helped people to enhance their personal brand and create a better future.

In addition, Ms. Usheroff has been invited as a guest speaker at distinguished educational institutions such as Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management and the University of Toronto. She has appeared on national radio and television (NBC, CBC, BTV). She is the author of ‘Customize Your Career: How to Develop a Winning Strategy to Move Up, Move Ahead’ (McGraw-Hill) and ‘Taking the Leap. How to Manage your Career in Turbulent Times and Beyond.’

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