Athena Lee

eecb0fe1e1a64ad4bb5a99b87dcce1efTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Medcon Associates, LLC

Location: Mount Kisco, N. Y.

For more than half her career time-line, Athena Lee has advanced herself to the current position of chief executive officer at Medcon Associates, LLC. Providing them with coalition building expertise for the past eight years, she helps the education and training company continue creating new programs and entities for business. She attributes her success to her connections with others. Initially, Ms. Lee became involved in her profession because of her desire to make a difference in the lives of others. She started as a paramedic to serve the community. She continued as an educator to help health care professionals.

In 1990, Ms. Lee received a bachelor’s degree in organizational psychology from University of Michigan. Since then, she keeps abreast of changes in her profession and network communit through her memberships with UN Women, National Women’s Political Cacus, and University of Michigan Alumni Association. In five years, Ms. Lee intends to increase transparency in leadership within the finance and health care industries.

Medcon Associates is a well-respected company generating global health and well-being through medical education. We empower healthcare professionals to save lives by creating transformative partnerships, enlightening communities, and impacting the world. Medcon Associates has an eagerness to go above & beyond, anticipating our clients’ needs and fulfilling them with an impeccable customer experience. Medcon Associates are pioneers in the field of healthcare education and utilize communication and innovation to honor the diversity of healthcare cultures, and to create new unity with profound respect, love, and grounding in the wonder of being human.

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