Robin Duthie

19cddb5910d246cbac48d4eab79fe270Title: Counselor

Company: Community Counseling Associates

Location: Mount Pleasant, Mich.

As a 30-year expert in family counseling, Robin Duthie continues into her 15th year as counselor for Community Counseling Associates. At the wellness center, she helps counsel residents of Mount Pleasant, Mich. into a healthier mental status, creating and building upon an already budding neighborhood. Ms. Duthie believes her people-management skills and passion for psychology that helps her successfully interact with clients, manage the center’s public relations duties, and counseling adults.

Ms. Duthie previously worked as a probation officer for three years, as a school counselor for six years, as a court investigator for three years and at a counseling agency for six years. She is also a facilitation of Virtus training for The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. Ms. Duthis is a licensed professional counselor for the state of Michigan, and went to Central Michigan University, earning a master’s degree in agency counseling and a bachelor’s degree in public health administration.

In five years, Ms. Duthie hopes to experience continued growth in her profession; she would like to start writing.

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