Judy Maynard

2038758Title: Business Improvement Specialist

Company: Proforma TSL Associates

Location: Raymond, N.H.

Wielding 29 years of marketing and advertising expertise, Judy Maynard continues in her third year as a business improvement specialist for Proforma TSL Associates. There, she provides fluid operations to market the company, including printing services, promotional items, trade show set ups, print portfolios and brochures, custom promotional products, brand management solutions, the broadest array of print, and other related graphics products and solutions. Ms. Maynard is an expert in completing campaigns from inception to completion, and believes her success stems from her diligence, ability to bounce back, and her positive attitude.

Ms. Maynard is self-educated. She has been self-employed for her entire adult life. She decided in 2004 to entertain a different career path, and this year will make the final transition. She became involved in her profession by accident. She was in a concession business. She and her husband bought a business for signs, and friends asked her to make signs for them; it evolved and she created ‘The Sign Lady’ and made signs, business cards and logos. In five years, Ms. Maynard will be growing her new business, expanding and getting into larger companies.

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