Tiffany Boston

SKANSKA_MAC_PANTONE [Konvert]Title: Training Assistant Superintendent

Company: Skanska USA Building Inc

Location: Columbus, Ga.

Ms. Boston became involved in her profession because she always knew she wanted to join the armed forces. She could think of no better career, and joined the United States Army. Ms. Boston served her country for seven years, including a stint overseas in Afghanistan. Throughout her illustrious military career, she was a platoon leader, company executive officer and training program supervisor, construction superintendent, battalion assistant S3, company commander and brigade assistant S3. Her time in the Army taught her how to lead and supervise, while also exposing her to different facets of the construction and engineering sectors.

Ms. Boston collaborated with high ranking military officers and oversaw priority projects, as well as negotiated with powerful individuals who didn’t necessarily have to negotiate. The invaluable skills see learned during her years of service have assisted her in becoming one of the top female construction supervisors. Now, throughout her work-week, Ms. Boston draws upon past experience to manage teams, oversee projects and assist Skanska in achieving its business goals.

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