Michele Beaulieu

dc776e99f1c6cc4aecba350f8ece277bTitle: Managing Director of Client Leadership and Operations

Company: Mindshare

Location: Toronto, Ont.

Initially, Michele Beaulieu became involved in her profession 32 years ago because she took marketing in school, interviewed with an ad agency and ended up in media planning. For the past four years, she has served as managing director of client leadership and operations at Mindshare. Through the Mindshare media network, she helps offer clients an integrated solution across core services, such as strategic media planning, negotiation and execution and specialist services, including econometric modeling, research and insights, digital solutions, sports and entertainment sponsorship consultancy, content creation and brand-driven creative campaigns. In five years, Ms. Beaulieu will stay ahead of the industry, stay engaged and contribute to the advertising industry in regards to digital.

Throughout her work-week, Ms. Beaulieu oversees client business, specifically WalMart, Kimberly Clark, Smucker’s, Bohlinger, and communicates on planning of each product for clients. She also manages process and flow of media payments, ensures payments are done accurately to vendors, and oversees products and recommendations. Ms. Beaulieu finds that her success stems from her hard work, not being afraid of taking chances, and being able to be relied upon.

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