Paulette Sylvestre

imported_member_thumbnail_49086-140x150Title: Cashflow Revenue Consultant

Company: Transworld Systems

Location: Katy, Texas

For seven years, Paulette Sylvestre continues to help all clients as Transworld Systems. She took this position after a successful career as senior vice president with Primerica for 14 years. She enjoys helping people and maintain their cash flow and stay alive as a business through having fun with her clients and colleagues, while keeping business direct. Ms. Sylvestre believes her success stems from hard work, long hours, ongoing learning and self-improvement, or reinventing herself.

The biggest challenge for Ms. Sylvestre is working in a man’s world. In the insurance industry, it was still male dominated back in 1985, but she was still the number one sales representative and enjoyed recruiting and training women and mothers; she helped a lot of people with retirement and college. Her advise to young women is to choose a career they enjoy and one where they can be happy and make a difference. Ms. Sylvestre’s greatest strength is her follow-through, and she has been nicknamed Positive Consistent Polly.

Right now, Ms. Sylvestre is in the middle of closing a big deal with a hospital in Dallas employing 800 doctors. Her persistent paid off and she is finally going to help them with their cash flow problems and get them straightened out. She is in the top 100 employees, and top 50 closers, at Transworld Systems. Ms. Sylvestre works best independently and on her own time so she can do volunteer work with Development of Kindom Halls and participate in the building of the Kingdom Halls.

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