Susan Ritchie

konsulent_swr-consultingTitle: Instructional Design, Leadership and Training Specialist, Owner, Consultant

Company: SWR Consulting

Location: Guelph, Ont.

Ms. Ritchie is a veteran of more than 20 years in the adult education field. She has specialized in corporate programs for the on-boarding of new employees, orientation of new employees, and helping employees become comfortable and productive as quickly as possible. Furthermore, she has instilled management and leadership skills within employees wanting to transition into management and leadership development initiatives. Additionally, she has developed exceptional customer service and corporate branding skills, and treats customers as they wish to be treated. Ms. Ritchie has been fortunate to be able to design and deliver most of these programs.

Ms. Ritchie has had the opportunity for ongoing improvement and alignment with corporate initiatives, and has also been involved in training new trainers, which is a particular passion of hers. She has conducted coaching and mentoring for her colleagues and other employees. Initially, she became involved in her profession because she always liked training and teaching. The place where she was working in was lacking in technology, so the regional vice president asked her to make a proposal and show what could be done. Ms. Ritchie then became part of the rolling out of the technology.

For 23 years, Ms. Ritchie has refined her expertise in designing training that works with the learners and accomplishes corporate goals, engaging others in learning, productivity improvement, and getting new employees up to speed quickly. She attributes her success to her love for what she does. In five years, Ms. Ritchie wants to continue along the lines of what she is currently doing, and build a bigger client base.

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