Susan Orsini

a6785df992894209a87adb885b676db2Title: Ship’s Master

Company: Military Sealift Command

Location: Village, Nevada

Ms. Orsini was appointed Resident Master of the USNS Yukon in May 2012 at Military Sealift Command. She is one of two female captains in the organization. Through her expert leadership, she handles ultimate responsibility for the ship and everyone aboard, as well as the ammunition, food and fuel. She also assists other ships in the harbor, getting them safe and ready for water traffic, and helps the military in whatever is needed. In five years, Ms. Orsini wants to continue to expand awareness and provide opportunities to people who could benefit.

Ms. Orsini attributes her success to the way that she was raised and the people who have mentored her. She feels that you are made or broken by your reputation and that honesty, truthfulness, hard work and dedication are important. She works 24/7 and is away for months at a time. She became involved in her profession as a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy. She then accepted her commission in the U.S. Navy, serving for two years in an OSAM program. Subsequently, Ms. Orsini joined Military Sea Command, beginning her career as a 3/O on the USNS Mercy.

As a woman in today’s world what has contributed to Susan’s success is keeping a clear vision of what she wanted to achieve and the support from all the men she works with. The advice she would give the younger generation of women is to work hard, don’t get discouraged. Focus on the work and their positives especially at your job when you realize you can get the job done. There are many organizations that has made a difference in Susan’s profession. One that stands out is the Rotary Club International.

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