Mary Croly

6947b6ff8392411cbe3d64e1856e7723Title: Partner

Company: McLaughlin & Stern, LLP

Location: New York

Mary Croly has worked since graduating from Temple School of Law for 27 years as a trusts and estates lawyer with the most prestigious firms in New York City.  She has vast experience in the trusts and estates field, as well as real estate and guardianship law. Ms. Croly was a named partner at McLaughlin & Stern, LLP, which is the largest trusts and estates department in New York City. She received a JD in taxation from Campbell Law School in 1988.

In addition to being a partner of the firm, Ms. Croly is a co-founder of a pro bono organization called PELP (Planning and Estates Law Project) sponsored by the New York City Bar Justice Center, which has been recognized for its achievements to serve the New York City area. Initially, she became involved in her profession because she loves the legal issues that come into play with regard to estate planning. Ms. McLaughlin began her career with prestigious accounting firms such as KPMG, and eventually moved into law.

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