Becky Lopez

pressreleaseexcomanag_image1Title: Marketing Manager

Company: EXCO Resources, Inc.

Location: Dallas, Texas

Becky Lopez has been with the oil and gas company EXCO Resources, Inc. for more than 11 years, currently serving as their marketing manager. She feels it’s a been a good fit for her, even though it’s a male dominated industry, she just fits in, keeps he communication direct, and talks their lingo. Though, when work slows down, Ms. Lopez intends on finishing a bachelor’s degree to move up in the industry.

All of Ms. Lopez’s hard work has not gone unnoticed, as she has been recognized as woman of the year multiple times in light of her leadership, marketing management, and brand advertisement. She believes her success stems from her deeply rooted foundation in God, never taking work experiences personally but professionally, and always being open to constructive criticism. Ms. Lopez treats every day as life is a gift.

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