Cornelia Kausch

ade46c4ffab34867b1ca005151ab0d5dTitle: President

Company: CK Hospitality Advisors

Location: Berlin, Germany

For the past decade, Cornelia Kausch has lead her advisory company, CK Hospitality Advisors, expanding clients’ development, asset management, and leadership in the hospitality arena. Harnessing 30 years of expertise in people management and strategic alignment, she continues her success through her authenticity, providing them with the sense of always knowing what they get from her. Initially, Ms. Kausch became involved in her profession because she was born into the business, as she comes from a long-line of small business owners.

Throughout her work-week, Ms. Kausch oversees development, asset management and leadership resulting in revenue growth, increases shareholder value, meets with clients, and launches new restaurant concepts. She holds a master’s degree from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, pursued hospitality coursework at Cornell University, and has completed general management classes. In five years, Ms. Kausch intends to continue mentoring students.

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