Gail Marshall

8fc0def6bdfa420c891ffb60c902b5e0Title: Nurse Case Manager

Company: GDM & Associates, LLC

Location: Baltimore, Md.

Gail Marshall began in the nursing and case management field in 1973, building up a wealth of expertise in case management, geriatric, pediatric, and medical-surgical nursing, teaching, training, and counseling. For the past 14 years, she has served as nurse case manager at GDM & Associates, LLC, monitoring 40 care providers and training employees. The most gratifying aspect of Ms. Marshall’s career has been her ability to maintain a professional attitude amid the many regulatory statutes in the industry.  She attributes her success to her customer service skills. Initially, she became involved in her profession because she enjoyed meeting the needs of people and the flexibility it offered. Ms. Marshall’s dedication and hard work separate her from her peers.
Ms. Marshall’s passion for health care attracted her to the industry. She also had an opportunity to work in the emergency room at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. She was inspired by her father, Richard L. Marshall, to follow her goals. She is passionate that caring can make a difference, and her personal mantra is, ‘I can do this.’ Ms. Marshall advises others aspiring to enter the profession to keep themselves educated in the field. She would like to dedicate this recognition to her mother, Margaret L. Marshall, for never letting her give up. Ms. Marshall is currently working with the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services in a school for troubled males aged 10 to 21, which has provided her with a deeper understanding of youths’ preventive health care needs. It’s extremely important for her to inform her colleagues, family and friends that immunization throughout the life span can and does reduce chronic health diseases.

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