Alma Callan

RedWine-300x199Title: President, Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Company: Wine Media Advertising LLC

Location: Napa, Calif.

Ms. Callan is currently the president and chief executive officer of the wine company she founded, Wine Media Advertising LLC. In her past, she has sold products on three continents, going door-to-door with Encyclopedia Britannica and Men’s Fashion, as well as serving as director of sales for The Grapevine Independent Newspaper, starting nearly 20 years ago. She was recognized twice as the honorary mayor of Rancho Cordova, CA. Over the years, she has continued to polish her sales, marketing, promotions, and public relations skills, working for other media companies such as Yell Global and AT&T Advertising Solutions. In five years, Ms. Callan intends to sell her current business and buy a hospital.

Now with the launch of, Ms. Callan brings her combined passions for media and wine together in one space. Listening to consumers over the years, she consistently heard the need for a single, simple, easy-to-use space to learn about wine and travel. Initially, Ms. Callan became involved in her profession because she loves creating something that others enjoy, and has since attributes her success to her belief in God.

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