Maryann Swann

da788b1b14bc44df9c72110f89de5c70Title: Director of the Birth Through Five Program

Company: Maryland School for the Deaf

Location: Ellicott City, Md.

Maryann Swann attributes her success to her lifelong commitment to learning as a professional. Initially, she became involved in her profession because of her interest in American Sign Language. She wanted the opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives, so this was a natural progression. Now she is director of the birth-through-five program at the Maryland School for the Deaf. There, she refines her expertise in early intervention services, special education policies and procedures, IDEA, and family centered approach to services in a birth through five systems. Ms. Swann stands out because of her drive and sense of urgency to provide family-centered services that are timely, responsive and culturally competent.

Ms. Swann is proud of transitioning from a teacher of 20-plus years’ experience to a statewide school administrator of an early intervention program serving families with children who are deaf and hard of hearing. Her greatest career achievement is a continued joy in her work every day. The highlight of her career was being a home-visit teacher, and providing support, services and resources to families on a daily basis. In five years, Ms. Swann will be retired from her current position. She is seeking opportunities to continue her work with families as a consultant and/or a service provider.

Prior to joining Maryland School for the Deaf, Ms. Swann worked for Maryland School for the Deaf (36 Years). She has received a master’s degree in communication disorders and learning disabilities from Johns Hopkins University.

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