Sandra Corti

Corti, Sandra 401794Title: Lead Process Engineer

Company: ALCON Laboratories Inc.

Location: Suwanee, Ga.

Sandra Corti has served as principal scientist for the R&D process definition and color technology at ALCON Laboratories Inc. for the past 13 years. As a manufacturing company, ALCON Laboratories Inc. relies on Ms. Corti’s 19 years of experience in chemical testing to manufacture contact lenses, lens care products, and clinical research in Johns Creek, Ga. She is an expert in chemistry, ink formulation, printing technologies and process transfer, and continues to build her credentials in leadership and management. During her daily routine, she develops new color contact lenses, performs laboratory research and process development, including transfer to manufacturing, as well as managing two scientists and two technicians. Ms. Corti also strictly enforces standard operating procedures, manages documents and writes protocol reports.

Prior to joining R&D process definition and color technology, Ms. Corti worked for the color lenses research and development group at ALCON Laboratories Inc. The most gratifying aspect of her career is the satisfaction and pride she feels in seeing eight new products that she has worked on from scratch launch in the opticians’ office windows. She attributes her success to her learning, leadership, versatility and customer service skills, and became involved in her profession because she always thought chemistry was the base of everything people create. Working in the contact lens industry allows Ms. Corti to create products that help people’s lives, and her ability to be a flexible team-player brings a deeper appreciation of group accomplishment rather than individual success.

However, Ms. Corti developed and contributed to the launch of eight new color lens products that are now available worldwide. She has also received the executive award for supporting a quality team in 2008, and earned the distinguished performance award in 2006, both from ALCON Laboratories Inc. In 1993, she earned a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Milan in Italy. In five years, Ms. Corti hopes to become an expert in process transfer, including regulatory and quality documentation.

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