Melanie Freese

Title: Associate Professor of Library Services, Assistant Chair of Technical Services
Company: Joan and Donald E. Axinn Library, Joan and Donald E. Axinn Library
Location: North Baldwin, NY United States

An educator and an information specialist, Melanie Freese has dedicated more than 45 years to sharing knowledge with others. She started her career as an elementary school teacher on Long Island, NY, in 1967, but found her true calling in the Swirbul Library of Adelphi University in 1972. She served the institution for 11 years in a variety of roles, including assistant to the social work librarian, assistant to the acquisitions librarian and biographical searcher, reserve librarian, and circulation assistant. Currently, Ms. Freese parlays her experience into her positions as an associate professor of library services and assistant chair of technical services at the Joan and Donald E. Axinn Library of Hofstra University. There, she uses her expertise in children’s literature and education material to catalog a variety of materials for the curriculum materials center.

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Kristen Toepfer

Title: Industrial Engineer
Company: UPS
Location: Hackettstown, NJ United States

Renowned as an industrial engineering expert, Kristen Toepfer parlays nearly two decades of experience into her role with UPS. She has served the package delivery company in a variety of positions over the years, but ultimately found her niche as an industrial engineer. Ms. Toepfer prepared for these endeavors by completing numerous training courses. She looks to further her career through her current pursuit of a Bachelor of Arts in business administration.

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Jeannie C. Hathaway

Title: Owner
Company: Deadline Data
Location: Fallbrook, CA United States

For more than two decades, Jeannie Hathaway, the owner of Deadline Data, has specialized in working with small entrepreneurs whose businesses have grown too quickly to keep up with customer demands. Her company’s aim is to help proprietors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners become successful by allowing them to focus on core business activities rather than support functions that consume valuable time. Throughout Ms. Hathaway’s work week, she operates as an independent contractor and handles various responsibilities for each client, including payroll, accounts payable and receivable, event calendars, and applications. The slogan of her company is ‘Never miss a deadline with Deadline Data.’

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Gail Neustadt

Title: Author
Location: Presto, PA United States

Under a nom de plume, Dylan Weiss, Gail Neustadt has taken decades of personal and professional experiences and turned them into stories to help others learn and grow. Her newest story, “Sebastian’s Tale,” is an allegorical fantasy correlating the disintegration of a brain ravaged by Alzheimer’s disease with the disintegration of Earth’s environment ravaged by pollution. The book, the second of her “Skunk Tales Trilogy,” was inspired by her late husband’s struggle with early onset Alzheimer’s disease and her efforts on her local Parks and Recreations boards. Ms. Neustadt’s goal is to encourage people to make a differnce. The trilogy is published by Red Engine Press.

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