Cheryl Watts

21c70160877e46a78dd9787bf83e9724Title: Owner

Company: TimelyTrends

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

One situation that sticks out for Cheryl Watts during her 20 year career in leadership and business strategy, is when she was attending an addictions diploma course; her instructor encouraged her to pursue a Master of Arts in leadership at Royal Roads University. She didn’t think this could be possible because she did not have a degree already. She basically went from a diploma to a master’s degree. This is a major highlight in her life. In August 2014, her leadership book, edited by the Professional Women’s Network, will be available to purchase. Ms. Watts has also been asked to be a speaker at the Professional Woman’s Network International Convention in 2015.

Ms. Watts’ background is very colorful; therefore, she has been asked to write about her personal life through the Professional Woman’s Network. She has also been asked to share her personal story with other people to inspire them to reach for their dreams. Currently, she is in her first year as an entrepreneur, running her leadership strategy company TimelyTrends. In five years, Ms. Watts plans to continue being a international speaker, that will assist businesses in understanding complex issues and influence people regarding leadership.

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