Elizabeth Taylor

a77644715dfc4408991a657cc1a0d6a7Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Ten Oaks Ranch

Location: Lorena, Texas

After retiring her first career as a teacher, Elizabeth Taylor went the rancher and entrepreneurial route for her second as the now-owner of Ten Oaks Ranch. Serving as chief executive officer, she has 24 years of experience on the cattle farm in Lorena, Texas, overseeing 500 acres of property. While leasing and managing the ranch, she ensures that cattle there remain in healthy condition and in their pastures. In five years, Ms. Taylor hopes to continue volunteering for the Veterans’ Administration at Temple, in Texas through the Daughters of the American Revolution and would like to build a community center for her town.

Ms. Taylor attributes her success to her education and the support she receives from her family. Initially, she became involved in her profession through her decision to follow in her mother’s footsteps. She began her career in teaching after recieveing a Bachelor of Arts in education from Baylor University in 1955. Since graduation, she has kept abreast of both her professional life-lines through memberships with Lorena Education Foundation, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, The National Society Magna Charta Dames and Barons, Daughters of the American Revolution, and National Society United States Daughters of 1812. During her free-time, she supports the Lorena United Methodist Church as a lifetime board member on their finance committee.

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