Nicole Reed Lee

b5b1036633ba4818b3aa81bc2556cafdTitle: President

Company: R.L.I. Construction

Location: Lakeside, Calif.

Drawing upon 26 years of experience in electrical construction, Mrs. Nicole Reed Lee now serves as president of R.L.I. Construction. As a contracting business, she leads them to provide residential and commercial and electrical projects, including installation of networks, phones and audio/visuals in Lakeside, Calif. As an expert in finding new and greener technologies, Mrs. Reed Low handles all the human resources functions, accounting, estimations, and field supervision. Her greatest career achievement was teaming up with her husband; they make a dynamic team. They have been married for 16 years and have been together for 22 years.

Initially, Mrs. Reed Lee became involved in her profession because her father and grandfather were in contracting, and her father was letting her wire houses since she was 13 years old. What separates her from other electrical contractors is that her parents raised her the way they did with morals and values, and that her husband believes the same way she does. Mrs. Reed Lee also has determination and persistence to make it happen, and ‘no’ is not an option for her.

Her dad had the opportunity to work with the state board because he had a license for so long and was invited by the state to give his two cents. Mrs. Reed Lee and her dad went through all the questions and she brought out the point of incorrect information. She attributes her success to her father, who taught her that she can do anything she sets her mind to. In five years, Mrs. Reed Lee plans to grow her business to twice its size, take on more government work and, most importantly, give back to the community.

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