Irene Loftus

IMG_0120_800x600Title: Co-Owner

Company: Priority Executive Development, LLC

Location: Mequon, Wisc.

After receiving a JD from the University of Notre Dame Law School (with honors), Irene Loftus continues to draw upon her education in her seventh year as co-owner of a corporate skills enhancement company. Priority Executive Development, LLC relies on her expertise in educating clients and health care administration to provide skills enhancement training and courses for businesses, and schedule leadership and executive training programs. Specifically, Ms. Loftus teaches and conducts the leadership courses. Continue reading

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Ella McElwee

HBC_LogoTitle: 1) Founder, Director 2) Founder

Company: 1) Health By Choice Inc. 2) Health By Choice Education and Research, Inc.,

Location: New Enterprise, Penn.

Dr. McElwee is nationally known as a speaker and educator in the field of nutrition and natural healing. Her holistic, integrated approach to health care has made her very much sought after as a consultant to companies engaged in the cutting edge research into natural remedies. For 40 years, Dr. McElwee has remained the founder and director of both Health By Choice Inc. and Health By Choice Education and Research, Inc., and is an expert in nutrition, homeopathy, and naturopathy. Continue reading

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Angele Lacroix

logo_main-2Title: Union President, District 32, Unité 64


Location: Kitchener, Ont.

With a burning desire to share and help others, Angele Lacroix has spent 16 years in the union services arena. As a former school secretary, with a human resources background, she became active in the union and was elected president. Now, in District 32, Unité 64 of OSSTF/FEESO, Ms. Lacroix unites the organization’s workers and strengthens her expertise in activism and community development. Continue reading

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Barbara Jones

3b6f398Title: Executive Regional Minister (Retired)

Company: Great River Region CCDOC

Location: North Little Rock, Missouri

Retiring 30 years of expertise in the Christian church, The Rev. Barbara Elaine Jones spent her last 19 years as an executive regional minister at Great River Region CCDOC. There, she helped citizens of the North Little Rock community become devout believers leading them in preaches she’d proclaim, as well as her expertise in nonprofit management and administration. During her daily duties, Rev. Jones oversaw operations in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, supported clergy, families and the congregation, and conducted workshops on leadership, events for women, youth and any topical event, including disaster recovery. Continue reading

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Jean Musselman

0e6b8a7c625a421eb0684aad670a0191Title: Tax Preparer, Senior Tax Advisor Level V

Company: H&R Block

Location: Billings, Mont.

With persistence and major focus, Jean Musselman has proudly served H&R Block for 31 years. As she has built up her expertise in state, general business and Canadian tax preparation, Ms. Musselman’s current role as senior tax preparer and advisor level-5 helps the regional branches of the financial services company for the communities in and around Billings, Mont. Being in this profession has allowed her to meet a plethora of new people, and finds that her motivation lies in properly helping people with tax problems, which is something she has been doing since college. Ms. Musselman believes she has been continuously successful within the taxation field because of her ability to listen and work well with all her clients. Continue reading

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Arlene Mazak

d9677c0221d04638ae1ba646e0854d0fTitle: 1) Owner, Principal 2) Owner

Company: 1) Mazak Global Management 2) Innercall: Personal and Transpersonal Development

Location: Orange, Calif.

In her first year as owner and principal of Mazak Global Management, Dr. Arlene Mazak drawes upon 23 years of experience in professional coaching and development to her entrepreneurial training and coaching company. There, she provides leadership coaching, transnational management training and consulting services for organizational development for those seeking to expand their business and personal development. Dr. Mazak is sponsoring three children in Africa at the present time and plans to move them to the U.S. by the end of 2015. These children have lost all their family members in Africa. She wants to provide an extraordinary life and opportunity for them to have a better future. They are 20, 15, and 8 years old. The eldest is a boy and the other two are girls.

Continue reading

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