Sue Thoens

Sue-Thoens-140x150Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: SMT Enterprises, Inc.

Location: Oregon City, Ore.

After establishing an accomplished early career in sales and executive management, Sue Thoens decided to trade her cubicle and airplanes for a career working alongside her husband. When he passed away in 2012, she re-branded herself and aligned herself with a collaborative group of hard-working and skilled men and women dedicated to helping others establish businesses and accomplish greatness. Ms. Thoens is now chief executive officer for SMT Enterprises, Inc., where she is committed to providing clients with independent business solutions, bringing to the industry valuable skills in teaching, mentorship, coaching and communication. Continue reading

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Kathryn A. Seabolt

TDuB7qxiTitle: 1) Professional Facilitator, 2) Trainer

Company: 1) Georgia State University, 2) Center for Study of Social Policy

Location: Hampton, Ga.

With professional strengths in facilitation and training, Kathryn Seabolt continues to made strides in the fields of social policy and human welfare. Drawing upon a career spanning 42 years, Ms. Seabolt is currently a professional facilitator for Georgia State University as well as a trainer for Georgia’s Center for the Study of Social Policy. She attributes her success in these positions to her love of the work and the professional connections she has established throughout her career. Continue reading

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Doris Lafavers

Doris-Lafavers-140x150Title: Senior Business Development Manager

Company: Damco, The Maersk Group

Location: Irving, Texas

Senior business development manager Doris Lafavers was naturally drawn to the global logistics industry at the start of her career. Honing in on two years in her position with Damco, Ms. Lafavers continues to bring considerable prior experience to the field, providing for the company hard work and strategic shipment solutions. She plans on achieving further growth within her career as she continues her role as an ethical and client-focused business partner. Continue reading

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Nancy L. Wyckoff

19c716366ab14c099ad6de57ff4b0aa7Title: Pharmacy Technician

Company: Elexa Rx

Location: Pittsburgh, Pa.

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Shelly Thompson

download-12-104x150Title: Administrative Officer

Company: Armed Forces Retirement Home

Location: Ocean Springs, Miss.

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