Kathleen LaDuca

indexTitle: Senior Vice President of Electronic Payment Services

Company: Sun Trust Banks, Inc.

Location: Orlando, Fla.

Celebrating 30 years in the financial arena, Kathleen LaDuce continues in the field as senior vice president of electronic payment services at Sun Trust Banks, Inc. “one of the nation’s largest and strongest financial services companies.” As an expert in developing employees to meet the best of their abilities, she uses the inspiration she gained from the mentors and managers that she has trusted to contribute to her success because they have allowed her to manage comfortably and have given her opportunities to prove herself. The advice Ms. LaDuce can give to the younger generation of women entering the workforce is to know who your inner circle is. Continue reading

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Becky Kendall

download4-140x150Title: Executive Director

Company: Rockford Health Council

Location: Rockford, Ill.

Garnering 16 years in the nonprofit sector, Becky Kendall continues in her ninth year as executive director of Rockford Health Council. Prior to this, she was vice president at United Way of Rock River Valley, serving the community in any way she could, charitably. This position actually fell into her lap; she was chairman of the board and the executive director resigned, so she was appointed a search committee and the board wanted her to accept the position. Ms. Kendall’s greatest strength is being a mentor and being a bridge builder.   Continue reading

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Dawn Kanne

kmwopsj7x6wq3id_400Title: Owner

Company: Dawn’s Designs

Location: Omaha, Neb.

Celebrating 10 years as owner of Dawn’s Designs, Dawn Kanne continues in her 25th year involved interior design and decoration. An expert in color and interior remodeling, she provides commercial and residential interior design, remodeling and space planning. Initially, Ms. Kanne became involved in her profession because of her interest in design and decoration, as well as her previous work experience at Sherwin Williams. Continue reading

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Betsy Haase

imagesTitle: Operations Senior Consultant

Company: Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Location: Appleton, Wisc.

With hands-on transformational mindedness and progressive growth, Betsy Haase continues in her 18th year at Kimberly-Clark Corporation, currently as operations senior consultant. There she is responsible for creative solutions development for practical implementation of operating systems for financial profitability and customized business processing. As well, she improves the functionality for critical full cycle implementation through implementation of systems strategies and integrated methodologies. Initially, Ms. Haase became involved in this career path through a natural progression of skills and knowledge as applied to company needs and growth initiatives for innovation and new methodologies of research and development initiatives. Continue reading

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Victoria Greenough

imagesTitle: Manager of Business Development

Company: Great Lakes Caring Home Health, Hospice, and Palliative Care

Location: Indianapolis, Ind.

Inspired by making a difference in peoples’ lives, Victoria Greenough continues in her 20th year of health care administration, currently as manger of business development at Great Lakes Caring Home Health, Hospice, and Palliative Care. Drawing upon her strengths in building strong teams, and coaching and mentoring, she leads the strategic expansion of the health care services Great Lakes has to offer. Since joining the health care provider, she has built a sales team resulting in tremendous growth for the company, and it’s her professional goal to continue this process into a regional status. The advice Ms. Greenough can share with the younger generation of women entering the workforce is, “Learn good communication without devices or e-mails. Communicate effectively and verbally. Establish good work ethics and be in the moment.” Continue reading

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