Deborah Thorne

UntitledTitle: Chief Creative Officer

Company: Joshua Communications

Location: Overland, KS

With over 25 years experience leading creative and digital initiatives, Deborah Thorne remains fascinated by the co-evolution of technology and behavior. She is passionate about exploring creative ways to apply new technologies to solve human problems and achieve business objectives, and currently leads the creative efforts for Joshua Communications. There, as chief creative officer, Ms. Thorne leaders with a passion for interesting, useful technologies, putting her in a position to educate and inspire her agency partners, clients and others; her role in the innovation lab allows her to make the possible tangible. Continue reading

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Neelam Taneja-Uppal

4f5f95a7998a4080a8cdb390abe681feTitle: Physician

Company: Bay Area Infectious Disease

Location: New York

By drawing upon her strong faith in God, Dr. Neelam Tanega-Uppal continues in her 30th year of seasoned experience in infectious diseases and internal medicine. Currently, she’s serving in her 19th year as a physician with the Bay Area Infectious Disease in New York. There, Dr. Tanega-Uppal spreads her expertise in AIDS research, internal medicine and infectious diseases to conduct research on their treatments and cures. Continue reading

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Patricia Steele-Trueblood

3568505Title: Owner

Company: Grandma Honey Storytelling Hour LLC.

Location: North Carolina

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Amelia Snow

17b88d6620b54bcd88a5efd5c5c72504Title: Restorative Dental Hygienist, Holistic Health Coach

Location: Bracebridge, Ont.

Amelia Snow became involved in her profession at the age of 13. She began working at her dental office filing and cleaning instruments, then later assisting and running the front desk after school and Saturdays. Initially, she wanted to pursue a career in law, but she found that she enjoyed the personal contact and care that dentistry offered. She later became the hygiene coordinator at a large successful group practice, and later became certified as an assistant by writing the challenge exam, using her experience rather than college education to qualify. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Snow was accepted into the dental hygiene program. She also had her own experience with braces for five years, and her daughter has also had braces, so dentistry has been close to home and a perfect fit for her throughout her life. Continue reading

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Gabriele Schwinghammer

b60f6bd9affe4684a05f7734083ff632Title: Owner

Company: International Market Consultants

Location: München, Germany

Having worked in a variety of places throughout her career, including Va., Kan., Wash., N.Y., N.C., and S.C., as well as Australia, Whales, Stockholm, and Iceland, Gabriele Schwinghammer continues within the international marketing consulting arena in her 25th year. Currently as the 10-year owner of International Market Consultants, she provides trade development services and foreign direct investment and expansion into overseas markets consulting to her lengthy list of clientele, world-wide. In five years, Ms. Schwinghammer hopes to experience an abundance of growth and new opportunities in her profession.

Ms. Schwinghammer is an expert in economic development, foreign direct investments, trade development, financial planning, and expansion into foreign markets. Throughout her work-wee, she handles the account and project management, lead generation and conversion of leads. The highlight of her career was when she identified a project for Washington state, where a large German company set up with a composite manufacturer. Ms. Schwinghammer began her career in 1989 as a product manager at Valeo Distribution, and quickly became the market adviser with the Irish Trade Board.

Ms. Schwinghammer attributes her success to her knowledge of the key drivers of investors, her straightforward approach to dealing with potential challenges, and her willingness to learn new things on an ongoing basis and her empathic personality. She became involved in her profession through a job in the automotive industry (a tier-two supplier of large OEMs) where her boss urged her to learn about Foreign Direct Investment by opening new subsidiaries in 6 different countries. Ms. Schwinghammer received a MBA in economics. business-to-business, technology sales, and marketing from the University of San Diego in 1988.

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