Yolanda Vosloo

10410368_723982234325291_931325438888709572_nTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: Magic Living

Location: Currambine, WA

Celebrating her first year as chief executive officer, Yolanda Vosloo takes 20 years of business development and leadership training to Magic Living. As a provider of personal development services, Magic Living relies on Ms. Vosloo to guide clients through a training and testing process to help them succeed in their personal and professional lives. In five years, Ms. Vosloo intends to experience the continued growth and success of the business. Continue reading

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Heidi Van Schalkwyk

609d44d85a7647109fbd20fc8ebfc2e1Title: Managing Director for South Africa

Company: Kaya Consulting

Location: Pretoria, South Africa

As it relates to talent management, Ms. Van Schalkwyk has worked on various talent enhancement projects with the focus on developing emotional intelligence and managerial leadership for clients across the spectrum, including mining, automotive, construction and professional services industries. She has also worked on various change management and employee performance projects. Her most recent roles have focused on the coaching of a management team and facilitating the implementation and ongoing management of a talent pipeline for a large mining company. In five years, Ms. Van Schalkwyk hopes for the expansion of the company, possibly to Singapore and the U.S. Continue reading

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Susan Ritchie

konsulent_swr-consultingTitle: Instructional Design, Leadership and Training Specialist, Owner, Consultant

Company: SWR Consulting

Location: Guelph, Ont.

Ms. Ritchie is a veteran of more than 20 years in the adult education field. She has specialized in corporate programs for the on-boarding of new employees, orientation of new employees, and helping employees become comfortable and productive as quickly as possible. Furthermore, she has instilled management and leadership skills within employees wanting to transition into management and leadership development initiatives. Additionally, she has developed exceptional customer service and corporate branding skills, and treats customers as they wish to be treated. Ms. Ritchie has been fortunate to be able to design and deliver most of these programs. Continue reading

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Lara Plimpton

bd86e24539ea4068ae2005ffe9aa3b09Title: Owner

Company: Beach Paws Llc.

Location: Wainscott, N.Y.

Lara Plimpton has been the owner of Beach Paws Llc. for the past 14 years providing dog grooming and retail accessories. Initially, she became involved in her profession after owning a dog and having an epiphany to do dog grooming. Continue reading

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Rachel Perlitsh

eed0b9af8f5c4509990660a00a6d4666Title: Orthodontist

Company: Wilmington Orthodontics

Location: Wilmington, Mass.

Ms. Perlitsh has worked for Wilmington Orthodontics as an orthodontist for 16 years. She attributes her success to her relationship with her patients and team, her education, hard work, determination, and being detail oriented. Initially, Ms. Perlitsh became involved in her profession because she always knew she wanted to be in health care and take care of people. She worked in a dental office part time during high school and was fascinated with the growth and development of the adolescent population. Continue reading

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